We recognise that our purpose says more than what’s on a page: it’s who we are and what makes us distinctive. 

As our brand - and what we’re driven to achieve - is to share our magic of being a wholly approachable Team, collectively and expertly managing the strengths and passions each of us bring to the table.

Managing Lifts is a long term commitment. From installation through to maintenance, we are bound by this commitment to safety and skill. We have built solid business relationships with companies in the Construction sector, and maintained service excellence on our contracted lifts through Building Owners and Body Corporates; with a pledge to the drivers of profit, quality and price to sustain these relationships far into the future.

FinTouch Lift Projects is a South African, privately-owned company, with a Team holding over 150 years’ combined experience in technical and mechanical engineering, service, business administration and quality management.

Linda du Toit Managing Director

Involved in the Lift industry since 1994, Linda was instrumental in the operational formation of a lift engineering company which celebrates over 15 years in service. While serving as a Rotarian for a number of years, Linda has owned and run another two very successful businesses in the services and business administration sectors from 1997 to 2006.

Arthur Oates - Projects and Technical Manager

An active and respected member of the lift engineering sector since 1969, Arthur built up and partnered a lift service company in 1994 from humble beginnings to a well-established and competitive business concern today. Arthur is a past President and member of the Rotary club of Blouberg (a Paul Harris fellow in 2012). He remains passionate about modernising the experience for all stakeholders in the industry through his role as an advisor in the supply of new lifts, upgrading of lifts, inspections and servicing.

Natasha van Rooyen -  Quality and Safety Officer

With over 25 years' trans-disciplinary experience, studies in industrial psychology, technology management, innovation and systems theory, Natasha has worked in six industries on various sector-wide and company-specific projects ranging from quality management to infrastructure and data science. Natasha is driven by innovation in the lift engineering sector and the application of non-linear thinking to problem situations.